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manav mangal's journey since April 1968

During the past almost 45 years of its journey, manav mangal has stood the test of time, has built a fair name and has established itself as an institution worthy of trust.

manav mangal Chandigarh started woring during 1968. It was in its silver jubilee year 1993 that manav mangal at Panchkula started serving after being inaugurated by the then Chief Minister, Haryana.

On having achieved big at Chandigarh and Panchkula, manav mangal chose to expand its area of service to Mohali. Not only that : manav mangal dared to be different, decided to take education to Level Next, decided to turn HI-TECH : turn SMART and as a result came up Region's first TechSmart School :

manav mangal SMART SCHOOL

manav mangal's Smart School Program at Mohali was an instant hit. A loud and clear message went across that Smart Learning was the basic need of today's education rather than an educational luxury. With this rose a pressing demand at our Chandigarh and Panchkula schools to bring in Smart Classrooms there also. The call was respected and Smart Classrooms brought in place of Traditional ones at both the places w.e.f. April 2011. To create awareness about the introduced change, a subordinate addition in the form of SMART LEARNERS' WORLD was made to the respective names of the two schools.

........ a highly satisfying journey so far

manav mangal's journey so far has been really satisfying. The kind of trust reposed in the honesty of manav mangal's effort by the people at every step of its journey has been highly inspiring and heart-warming. The growth story of the SMART SCHOOL at Mohali after its inauguration on February 10, 2007 by the then Hon'ble Governor of Punjab says it all.

a promising journey ahead .........

manav mangal has a long journey ahead. It has miles and miles to go. But never mind that. It fully well knows that the real thrill lies in being on journey and not in being at destination.