New & Events

1. Entry Level Class :    Nursery
2. Age Criterion :    3+ (as on 31-3-2018)
3. Number of Seats :    90
4. Admission Criterion :    Draw of lots
a) Issue & Receipt of Admission Form. Forms would be
    available free from the school website
:    From 1st December, 2017
     to 12th December, 2017
b) Detail of Documents required :    a) Date of Birth certificate
     b) Aadhaar Card
c) Eligible Candidate List will be displayed (On the school notice
    board as well as on school website)
:    By 16th January, 2018
d) Finalization and display of selected children and waiting
:    By 31st January, 2018
e) Deposit of Fee of selected children :    By 12th February, 2018
f)  Deposit of Fee for children selected out of waiting list :    By 15th February, 2018
5. Fee structure
6. Admission Form